Teaching Tip – ‘Ticket Out of Class’

Here’s a quick, easy way to check where your pupils are in their understanding of the day’s lesson.  It’s called ‘Ticket Out of Class’ because pupils are not allowed to leave class without giving you the ‘ticket’.  (This is also called a ‘Quick Check’.)

Here’s how it works. After a lesson (or at the end of the day),  before the pupils leave the classroom, they are asked to write a quick answer to a question. The idea is for the pupils to give the teacher feedback as to their understanding or what was learnt.

It works for ALL ages and all subjects.  Simply adjust the questions to your own pupils.

Example of questions:

 What are two characteristics or parts of…

 In what other ways might we show or illustrate the point that….

 How is ….. similar to/different from…

 What is one big ideas/concepts/ morals to be learned from this situation?

 What is the next odd number after 9 ?

 Give three examples of ….

 What is wrong with this statement? (Provide a false statement.)

 What is a word that begins with the letter ‘c’?

 What did you learn today?

 What are three things you would share with your younger brother about today?

 What made learning easy for you today?

 What made learning difficult for you today

 What do you still need to know?

 What do you think tomorrow’s lesson will be about?

 One thing I really liked about today’s class was….

 One thing I would like to know more about is….

The pupils can either write a quick answer in their copy books to hand to the teacher, or they may be asked to share their answer verbally as they leave the classroom.  If time is short, a few pupils may be called on at random to share their answers for all the pupils to hear.

The  advantages of using ‘Ticket Out of Class’ are many.

  • provides immediate feedback with minimal effort
  • forces pupils to think
  • pupils will know that what they think  is valued
  • the teacher chooses what the teacher would like feedback on!

Try it this week!     You will be surprised at how easy it is AND how useful.


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