Hello teachers.  August has arrived!  Enjoy your break and rest up for September, October, and November.  You deserve the rest.

While you are resting, you may want to borrow WRITER’S EXPRESS handbook.  There are many copies of this book in the Pangani library.  It is a good resource book for Standards 4 – 8,  but teachers of all grades will benefit from the teachings in this book.

The chapter units include:

The Process of Writing:  We don’t automatically write a beautiful paragraph or story. There are steps we must follow that help our writing be the best it can be.  This is true for adult writers, as well as student writers.  If we teach our students using this process, they will become better writers.

The Forms of Writing: Writing a report is a different type of writing than writing a story or poem.  Understanding the difference allows for better writing in all areas.

The Tools of Learning:  There are many tools (helps) for learning.  This unit takes a look at those tools.  For example:  library, internet, reading and spelling skills, and listening and thinking skills. It is good to add these tools to our toolbox.

Proofreader’s Guide: Paying attention to details makes our writing better.  These details include: punctuation marks, capitalizations, spellings, and using just the right words.

Student Almanac:  This section of the handbook includes fun facts about language, science, math, history, and maps.


I highly recommend that you borrow the WRITER’S EXPRESS handbook from the library.


– LeeAnne


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