For U.S. Visitors

If you’re wondering what school supplies would be helpful, here is a list of ideas.

Learning TUBS and Book Set Rules, Reservation, Management

 (*See bottom of this page for helpful hints on compiling Tubs. )

Pre-School/Kindergarten (Pre-Unit):  

  1. Animals & Insects –  Tub vocab (<$150)
  2. Counting / Sorting –  Tub vocab (<$200)
  3. Family / Home –Tub; vocab   ($100)
  4. Food –  Tub vocab ($60)
  5. Music – Tub vocab ($200 +)
  • 1st Grade:
  1. Our Body –  Tub  ; vocab ($60)   Book Set A – Our Body:Parts of the Body *
  2. Plants –  Tub vocab   (< $60)
  3. The Farm – Tub vocab    (< $75)  Book Set A – Standard 1,2 The Farm (and Food) *
  4. The Home –  Tub ;  vocab  ($150)    Book Set A – Standard 1,2 The Home (Familes)*
  5. Time –  Tub vocab   ($120)  (Books – See also:  Weather)
  6. Travel – Tubvocab   (< $100)    Book Set A – Standard 1,2 Travel*
  7. Weather – ( no tub) vocab        Book Set A – Standard 1,2 Weather:Seasons:Days*
  8. Wild Animals –  Tub  ; vocab   ($75)      Book Set A – Standard 1,2 Wild Animals*
  9. Miscellaneous  –                 Book Set A – Standard 1,2 Misc books*

* Please provide at least 5 books of each title.

  • 2nd Grade:
  1. Parts of the Body –  Tub vocab  ( $75)  Book Set A –  Our Body:Parts of the Body*
  2. Plants – Tub vocab    ($75)
  3. The Farm –  Tubvocab  ($120)  Book Set A – Standard 1,2 The Farm (and Food)*
  4. The Home –  Tub ;  vocab  ($100)  Book Set A – Standard 1,2 The Home (Familes)*
  5. Time –  Tubvocab    ($120)    (Books – See also:  Weather)
  6. Travel – Tub vocab  ($100)    Book Set A – Standard 1,2 Travel*
  7. Weather – (no Tub);  vocab    Book Set A – Standard 1,2 Weather:Seasons:Days*
  8. Wild Animals – Tubvocab  (< $100)   Book Set A – Standard 1,2 Wild Animals*
  9.  Miscellaneous –   Book Set A – Standard 1,2 Misc books*

* Please provide at least 5 books of each title.

  • 3rd Grade: 
  1. Energy –  Tub vocab     ($150)
  2. Health, Hygiene, & Disease  – Tub;  vocab  ($80)
  3. Transport –  Tub vocab   ($120)
  4. Weather –  (no Tub) ; vocab
  • 4th Grade:  
  1. Energy –  Tub vocab  ($150)
  2. Matter –  (no tub); vocab
  3. Teeth –  Tub;  vocab ($500 +)
  4. The Workshop – Tub ;  vocab  ($75 +)
  • 5th Grade:
  1. Animals –  Tubvocab  ($150)
  2. Human Body – Science Tub – The Human Body Standard 5vocab  ($200 +)
  3. Properties of Matter – (no Tub); vocab
  4. The Sea – Tubvocab  ($275)
  5. Weather – Tubvocab   ($80)
  • 6th – 8th Grade:  
  1. Energy – (No Tub); vocab
  2. Human Body – Tubvocab    ($400)
  3. Matter – (No Tub); vocab
  4. Plants –   (No Tub); vocab
  5. Solar System – Tubvocab   ($250 +)
  6. Work Made Easier –  Tubvocab  ($300+)


Complete Learning Tubs (List of Tubs & objectives)

Rolls of Clear Contact paper and/or laminate (to cover and protect their    textbooks, posters, and readers).  As a service project, volunteer to do the covering of the materials.  Small laminators (and supplies) are available for purchase in Nairobi (at Textbook Centre).


Math Manipulatives

  • Pattern Block Set (grades 1-8): (watch this space)
  • Measurement Kit (grades 5-8): (watch this space)
  • Geometry Kit  Geometry Tub – (Std 4-8)
  • General School Supplies: 
  • Pencil Sharpeners(All classrooms Pre-unit to High School). There are many types, but sturdy, easy-to-handle seem to work the best. They may be purchased in bulk, as well, from Textbook Centre in Nairobi. Often, it’s easier to bring them with,  than run around town shopping.
  • Scissors (children’s)
  • Flash cards
  • Colored pencils / crayons
  • Construction paper

For information only:

Kenyan Education SyllabusClass One Syllabus ; Class 2 Syllabus Class 3 SyllabusClass 4 SyllabusClass 5 SyllabusClass 6 SyllabusClass 8 SyllabusClass 8 Syllabus.     Science:            Mathematics:

Kenyan Objectives of Education: Objectives of Education – Std 1Objectives of Education – Std 2Objectives of Education – Std 3Objectives of Education – Std 4Objectives of Education – Std 5Objectives of Education – Std 6Objectives of Education – Std 7Objectives of Education – Std 8Objectives of Education – Geography:

Secondary Education:  Business Studies


  • FYI: Learning occurs best when it is interactive.  Most American preschools (and lower elementary classrooms) use a learning-center type of instruction.  Many upper elementary and middles schools use science tubs (science centers or exploration kits).  These tubs are basically plastic bins filled with materials and resources, including all things a student will need to complete a project or activity in a unit of study.
  • These learning tubs are for use in the classrooms of Missions of Hope Int’l.  The teachers have been (are being) trained in their use, maintenance, and rotation. The tubs are all-inclusive for units taught in the Kenya schools.  They include lesson/activity ideas, as well as all resources necessary to complete a unit study.  There are tubs for each grade level.  Each MOHI school will need all the tubs for each grade level they teach.  At some time in the future, MOHI will have sufficient tubs for each school and each grade.  This is being monitored, and will be noted in the above list, should a certain tub not be needed.  Currently, however, there are 10,000+ students, so MOHI has not yet reached that limit.
  • Each TUB contents page (above) is accessible by clicking on the word ‘TUB’.  Each includes pictures of items to be included, as well as a list of those items.  Next to each item on the list there are item numbers (and/or ASIN numbers) in blue.  A click on the blue number will direct you to the Amazon page — with the picture and price of that item.  This DOES NOT mean the items must be purchased only through Amazon.  This is for the convenience of USA visitors, and allows us to see what the item looks like.
  • In the process of gathering the items on the list, you may come across a similar item, but not the exact one listed. Check for durability and similarity to the original item.  The ASIN/item numbers have been included for reference.  The key is similarity, durability, and quality.
  • If you find other items (not on the list) that you would like to include in the tub to enhance the teaching and learning, please feel free to include it!  (Be sure to add that to the tub contents list, so the MOHI teachers are able to keep track of the items.) Additional learning resources and books are always welcome!
  • There are many ways to gather a complete learning tub.  One way is for one person to purchase all the items, then place the tub on display (including price tags) in the foyer or at a fund raising event.  Donors can ‘shop’ by giving money for a particular item in the tub.    Another way is to provide a wish list (similar to Angel Tree), and ask people to bring the items as they do their own shopping.
  • Included in each tub are vocabulary cards.  (Above, click on the word ‘VOCAB’ to access. Please photocopy these cards onto card stock paper and laminate each page.  Cut into four and put into a plastic card file (5″x8″).  CAUTION: some vocabulary cards will need to be photocopied back-to-back, so the word is on one side, and the definition is on the back.
  • Please label all items before taking the tubs to Kenya.  Labels should be with permanent ink or clear postage tape over a label.  The name of the tub AND MOHI (or Missions of Hope International) should be clearly visible.
  • Tub ManagementTub Reservations
  • Thank you!   (The teachers and students thank you, as well!)
  • * For questions (suggestions or comments) please contact:

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