1. Education Framework

Education Framework

Missions of Hope International is dedicated to providing excellence in Christian education consistent with Biblical principles.  It is our goal to provide a secure and loving environment in which students can develop spiritually, socially, and intellectually.

We want the students, in union with their families, churches and community, to grow in unity and in love for each other and for God.

Missions of Hope International’s dedication to this goal is seen in our enthusiasm and desire for improvement in learning and teaching.  Providing a framework will help focus and guide these efforts.  This framework consists of four foundations:

1. What We Want

2.  What We Believe

3.  What We Know  (Best Teaching Practices)

4.  What and How We Teach


1. What We Want

Missions of Hope International is dedicated to helping the children of Kenya escape poverty and its associated illiteracy by achieving academic skills, developing spiritual understandings, and demonstrating personal accountability and self-discipline.

We want:        High level learning for all students.

A safe, attractive and positive school environment.

Students who value hard work and take advantage of opportunities to learn.

Teachers who are working to advance their subject knowledge and teaching skills.


2. What We Believe

Those in the Missions of Hope International community are guided in their work by a set of beliefs about students, learning, school, and success in the large community.

We Believe:        Children can learn at a high level.

Success in all endeavors is the result of hard work, God-given ability and opportunity.

Having success promotes more success.

A safe school environment is critical if students are to learn.

Spiritual development forms the foundation for healthy growth in children.

All staff must believe deeply and model consistently the qualities

they want children to develop.

All staff and students are accountable to show respect in all circumstances.

Teachers are responsible to use the best teaching practices to help students best learn

Teamwork and a sense of community are highly valued.

Motivating teachers and learners leads to good performance.

Tripartite participations – parents, teacher, student – is beneficial.

Effective communication is critical to success.

Refresher courses help children.

Committed staff are critical to student success.


3. What We Know

Best teaching practices involve:

Establishing good classroom management.

Planning and carrying out effective lessons for student mastery.

Developing positive expectations and relationships with students

Upholding the vision, mission and core values of MoHI.

Never giving up on students or parents.

Modeling good moral  values.

Listening to and encouraging students.

Hard word and determination.

Caring for pupils and others.

Co-curricular activities (such as games, sports, music and art) are important in nurturing children’s                  talents.

Children from less fortunate families have potential just like other children.

A motivated teacher is a productive teacher.

4.  What and How We Teach: 
Classroom Management :
                                   Love and Logic
                                   TESA  – Teacher Expectation and Student Achievement
                                   PBS – Positive Behaviour Support
Classroom Instruction :
                                   Direct Instruction

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